website ordering

It depends on your order quantity.

If your order quantity does NOT reach the 3rd quantity bracket in our Product Pages’ quantity table, you should order through the website.

If your order quantity does reach the 3rd quantity bracket in our Product Page ’s quantity table, you should order through the chat or call. We can give you priority service and our special factory price.

The website will give you a faster checkout with guided instructions on payment and pickup. Since your order quantity does not reach our 3rd quantity bracket, pickup is the only shipping option for you. You can contact us if ever you want to make changes to your website order.


The chat will connect you to our sales staff where she will send you a personalized quotation (assuming your order quantity reaches the 3rd
quantity bracket). She will also try to accommodate any custom sizes and special requests. Our sales staff will also check if your order quantity is enough for
our delivery.

We update our website prices as fast as our chat/call prices. We keep our prices as stable as possible, but price changes are inevitable. Steel is a commodity wherein global price changes to raw materials affect local finish products like ours.

After you add to cart and complete the checkout of your items, here are the next steps to complete your order.

Step#1. Arrange your bank deposit: we’ll send our bank details as soon as you complete your order. If you need an advanced copy of our Sales Invoice, please Viber us your order number and ask for “a scanned copy of Sales Invoice to process payment.” We’ll send it ASAP.

Step#2. Send your proof of payment: reply to our order confirmation email ( with your attached proof of payment, or Viber us at 0917-797-8824. Indicate your full name/company, order number, and your pickup’s plate number. Please send your proof of payment in the next 24 hours to avoid the cancellation of your order.

Step#3. Wait for our pickup confirmation: we’ll reply to your email/Viber to confirm that your payment is cleared. We will then email our pickup instructions. You are responsible to arrange your pickup.

Step#4. Pick your order up: follow the pickup instructions.

Step#5. Rate us: after receiving your order, it would be great if you could rate us honestly in our website.


for first-time customers

Before you pickup, take note of pickup instructions.

Pickup point’s Google Maps link:

Pickup location address: 16 Industrial Road, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City

Pickup hours: 8am-5pm, MON-SAT

What to bring in pickup: printout of pickup confirmation email (indicating your order number).


On the day of your pickup, your pickup’s driver/pahinante parks outside our gate first. Then, he gives the order confirmation to our security guard. He will inform your driver/pahinante when it’s time to enter.

Protip: the best time to pickup is after 10am.

Preferred vehicle: it’s best to bring a dropside truck or an open vehicle with no cargo roof for fast loading. Please bring a waterproof Sackoline truck cover aka “lona” so you can cover your vehicle after loading the items.

Disclaimer: we have multiple warehouses in the Valenzuela area. Your driver/pahinante may be instructed to pick some items up in our other nearby warehouses. Warehouses are located just 15 minutes away from the main pickup location indicated in Step#3. Don’t worry, we’ll give your driver another Vicinity Map.

What your pickup will receive: items you ordered; a Sales Invoice; a Collection Receipt

Our payment terms cover a majority of our loyal customers. For 1st-time customers though, we implement C.O.D. (Cash-on-Delivery) terms. But if you want more flexible terms immediately, we'll just ask you to fill-up a credit information sheet. We'll review it. Then, we can re-discuss the terms.

3 days is our likeliest delivery fulfillment, as per experience. But we can't guarantee consistent 3-day fulfillment especially for special non-standard orders. We do guarantee that 2 to 4 days is the likeliest. And 5 days is the worst, worst case scenario. If we'll be later than 3, we'll call you when to expect it.

If you have concerns with your order’s quality, Viber us a photo or video (0917-797-8824). If we consider it valid, we will replace it. We will only consider concerns within 10 days of your pickup/delivery date though! Items that have been used will not be replaceable.

Here are some tips for proper handling and storage,

Lona: if you bring an open truck during pickup, make sure that your pickup truck covers your items with lona to protect from the rain.

Forklifts: use forklifts or cranes to unload/load/transport your items.

Pallets: it’s best to store items on top of pallets. Avoid letting the items touch the ground directly to prevent wet floors from rusting the items.

Roof: it’s mandatory to store items in warehouses with covered roofs.

Rusting: when exposed to air for too long, non-galvanized items like Nails, Wire Mesh, and BI Wire are prone to rusting. Rusting by air only affects the item’s surface, unlike rusting by water. If you plan to store your items for longer than 2 weeks, make sure that the Nail boxes remain sealed, or your Wire Mesh/BI Wire are draped in covers like lona.


Not necessarily. We acknowledge that there are a lot of other companies manufacturing good quality, too. We call ours "standards-first" because we make standard-approved quality products the priority before cost-savings. 

A lot of contractors in the Philippines had prioritized lower price in purchasing materials and manufacturers reacted to this price-first attitude by producing sub-standard quality. But we don't agree with that.

We realize that for our developing country to progress into a developed one, we should start by building with a standards-first mindset.

Good question. You're correct in thinking that most machines/technology used are from other countries. But when we refer to our first world technology, we're talking about the latest machines being used NOW by these developed countries. NOT machines being used 20 years ago, which is common here in the manufacturing field.

That's not to say we don't use these older machines. We still do. It's just that we're relying more on these new technologies than other manufacturers do. What that means is better quality consistency in your volume orders.

No, just all the ones that have set DTI standards. There are some products like our Wire Mesh wherein product standards haven't been officially made yet. The Wire Mesh standards will come soon though. (which is badly needed in the Wire Mesh market out there)