BI Wire

Type: Plain
Wire Diameter (millimeter): 1.65mm
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BI Wire 1.65mm

Wire diameter: 1.60 - 1.65mm
Wire Gauge: #16
Tensile strength: 890 MPa
Length: 60 meters/kg
Weight per roll: 200 - 500 kgs



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Lona: if you bring an open truck, make sure that your pickup truck covers your items with lona to protect from the rain.

Forklifts: use forklifts or cranes to unload /load /transport your items.

Pallets: it’s best to store items on top of pallets. Avoid letting the items touch the ground directly to prevent wet floors from rusting the items.

Roof: it’s mandatory to store items in warehouses with covered roofs.

Rusting: when exposed to air for too long, non-galvanized items like Nails, Wire Mesh, and BI Wire are prone to rusting. Rusting by air only affects the item’s surface, unlike rusting by water. If you plan to store your items for longer than 2 weeks, make sure that the Nail boxes remain sealed, or your Wire Mesh/BI Wire are draped in covers like lona.


Black Iron Wire
This is also known as Coil Wire. We package them in rolls of 200+ kgs. Our wires are shaped by Italian cutters and are drawn by our China-engineered machines. We are the fastest manufacturer in the industry.

THE PROCESS: Wire Rods are pulled at high speeds to reduce the diameter size of the Wire Rods. 


Concrete Pipes
BI Wire is used to reinforce the concrete structure of concrete pipes – which are mainly used for sewage piping. Recommended sizes are 4.20mm or 6.00mm.


Wire Racks
BI Wire is welded, bent, and shaped to form racks with tic-tac-toe shapes (similar to Wire Mesh). The racks are then powder-coated to add rust resistance for display and storage applications. Recommended sizes are 2.15mm or 2.80mm.

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